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We are committed to provide low-cost but high quality pharmaceuticals brands.. Company wanted to be recognized for having a positive impact on people’s lives with its products.

Our Values

We, at Pride Pharma are committed to provide the safe and best quality therapeutic solutions . Apart from this, we are working effective access to quality derma product range on time.

Our Strength

We believe in relationship, honesty, and responsibility. Our values are never compromised. The standard we maintain is the result of our constant efforts to improve the quality.

About Company

Welcome to Pride Pharma

Pride Pharma has been engaged in the service of the society through medicines with marketing capabilities, with higher capabilities since 2005. Our focus is on opening new markets as well as opening up and providing updated medicines to our customers. Pride Pharma offers franchise customers with complete equipment and materials and gifts for sale in the market of products, with excellence in profit. The company feels your needs as franchises and the company shapes all its marketing strategies in a manner that you can easily make profits with our product range in the area you want. For better promotional activities, our franchisees are supplied with products like visual, literature, product reminders card and order book etc.

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Premium Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing

We have a team of excellent pharma professionals to carry our contract manufacturing efficiently.

Pharma Frnachise

Pharma Frnachise Company in India – As one of the most trusted names in Pharma Franchise.

Pharmaceutical Exports

Pride Pharma operates with state-of-art third-party Parma Manufacturing facilities.

Our Product Segments


We are proud of our team and the services provided by our team but on the other hand, we are aware of the fact that constant improvement is necessary for pharma manufacturing companies. Medifame Biotech is established with a single aim of providing high quality medicines to the customers because of our crystal clear business policies, we have wide range of satisfied customers that includes distributors, doctors, clinics, marketers etc.
We are committed to doing our part to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality health care. Additionally, we are committed to excellence in three critical strategic areas: people, products, and processes.
The company offers full-scale service including product formulation, designing, distribution and marketing support. We have tie-ups with reputed WHO-GMP certified vendors that help us to cater to quality-oriented products requirement of our clients.

Have Some Questions?

Pharma Franchise is a franchise business. Let’s understand what a franchise business is. When a company gives permission to a person or other company to sell its products by their name. It is called franchising a business. A franchise is an agreement between the franchisee and the franchiser. The franchise is the entrepreneur that is going to buy the franchise from the larger company also known as the franchiser
Same as Pharma Franchise, Pharma PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution) Franchise refers authorization of distribution and marketing rights at monopoly basis provided by a pharmaceutical firm to Pharma distributor to use their company name or brand name on behalf of the company.
To start the Pharma business, a drug license is required. The central drugs standard control organization and state drugs standard control organization issue the drug license in India. Normally, the drug control organization issues two types DL, one is Retail drug license which is issued to a person who runs a chemist shop and another one is a Wholesale drug license which is issued to a person who wants to sell drugs on a wholesale level. In some states, retail drug license is issued only to that person who possesses the degree or diploma in Pharma from the recognized university. At Pride Pharma, we do the billing on both Retail DL and wholesale DL.
Third party or contract manufacturing is referred to the outsourcing of pharmaceutical products or to get products manufactured from other manufacturing units with your own brand names.
The monopoly means the only supplier of a particular commodity in a particular area. In a monopoly, a single person or entity controls the market. A Pharma Franchise monopoly agreement means one person or company at one location as said in the agreement. If you want to have the monopoly right then it is best to look for the vacancy in the particular location you are looking for.

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