How to Be a Great Board Member

A great board member provides expertise, energy and enthusiasm to the board. They know their responsibilities and can set guidelines to achieve the organization’s business goals and legal duties. They are well-versed in the organization’s culture, operations, vision, mission and values. They are also aware of the roles and responsibilities of the board as well as the rules of good governance.

It’s important that a great board member has the ability to question and challenge important decisions. Often, this is done through questions or issues that are designed to help the CEO identify an issue that they may not have noticed or think about the future beyond where the CEO may be looking or to encourage a different view. A great board member can perform this in a professional manner, without appearing aggressive or threatening.

Great boards are filled with board members who are committed to the cause of the association and can inspire others. They also communicate effectively and make decisions in a timely manner. It is crucial for a great board member to be prepared for any board meetings and related events. It is crucial to arrive at the meeting with the agenda, documents of the board, and committee reports.

The ability to be a great board member is as much about the attitude as it is about background, expertise or education. Board members who are exceptional are constantly thinking about what they can do to best help the association and the other board members. They don’t personalize their debates they seek to resolve conflicts, and are able to offer solutions that bring opposing sides together.

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